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Loyalty programs

Create strategies to engage your customers, increase retention and sell more

Loyalty programs

Reward your customers for their engagement

Reward your customers for their engagement with a versatile, highly customizable set of functionalities that will automate the communication in your loyalty program. Integrate the collected transactional data and reward users with an adequate prize. Use RFM segmentation and dynamic segments feature to determine the customer value and build scenarios that will encourage them accordingly for further activity. Send adequate coupons, rewards, and special offers based on various customer actions or to engage those less active.

Build your loyalty strategy and automate the communication based on:

  • RFM segmentation
  • dynamic segmentation
  • purchase value
  • providing additional information or consents
  • total amount spent
  • participating in special actions
  • purchase frequency
  • writing reviews

How can you set up the sample loyalty program in SALESmanago?

Loyalty Programs
  • Determine how the customers can join the loyalty program and mark them appropriately in the system
  • Create a funnel and divide it into stages depicting consecutive customer levels in the program
  • Establish the conditions of assigning customers to the subsequent stages in the program
  • Build a workflow that manages the automatic transfer of contacts between stages based on dynamic segments or RFM segmentation
  • Use information about the customer level for better personalization of your marketing campaigns, such as appropriate encouragement to further activities, or information about available special offers in mass communication

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