Command Center

The only Command Center sets a new UI standard for managing KPI-oriented multi-channel and multi-functional marketing processes. Get a perfect view of everything that runs in your marketing.

Command Center

Key Features

Create end-to-end processes specific KPI oriented with the use of all available channels

Schedule all sendings from one place using the calendar and Drag & Drop functions

View the most important statistics for all your campaigns in a given day, week, or month

Take full control over marketing processes by having access to their preview in one panel

Build campaign patterns describing your eCommerce process flow

Go directly to analytics of a specific panel by clicking selected campaign name

Control your marketing strategy intelligent results ranking and optimization

Cancel and active selected processes with one click of the mouse when the is need

How it works

Command Center
  • Use the Command Center for two-level management and planning of marketing processes
  • Using the Campaign view, you can design advanced sketches of these processes from scratch and plan marketing activities in your company. Now you can have access to all system functions, gathered and available in one place
  • The second level is the application of previously created email messages, text messages, and Web Push notifications to the Calendar
  • These two perfectly complementing functionalities are the key to the success of each of your campaigns. Thanks to the new possibilities offered by the Command Center, you will give up ad hoc activities and one-off, separate campaigns, and move to a higher, comprehensive management system in your eCommerce.

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